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  • How can we force big brands to act on sustainable fashion?
    When you walk into Zara, H&M or any other high street retailer, do you ever think about the social and environmental damage that has been caused to produce the vast array of clothes at...
  • Greenhouse Pioneer: Charlie Paton, Seawater Greenhouse
    Sunlight and seawater. They’re the two resources behind Seawater Greenhouse’s innovative technology to create ideal growing conditions for crops in hot, arid environments. With live projects from Abu Dhabi to Australia, Seawater Greenhouse creates...
  • Switch the stick
    Time to turn the tide
    We invited guest blogger, Natalie Fee, to tell us why we should switch the stick… Cotton buds were a massive bug-bear of mine. Each beach clean of the Avon Gorge would haul in between 500-700...
  • Do you want to change the world?
    Greenhouse PR is looking for a driven intern to join our talented and friendly Bristol team, to help us deliver campaigns for leading sustainable pioneers and brands. If you’re a recent graduate who has...
  • Bristol’s trailblazing Green Capital Partnership turns 10
    “We can do it.” Those were the words of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Chief Executive, Ian Townsend, as he talked about the target for Bristol to be climate neutral by 2050. Actually, it...
  • International Plastic Bag Free Day: Say no to plastic bags
    Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day – a day that promotes a future free from plastic pollution and raises awareness by encouraging the use of reusable bags. Here in Europe, 87 billion single-use plastic...

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