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Book of Green resources for your life, plus contest to win eco prizes

Sally Hill | 28.06.10

Book of Green cover

When you want an eco alternative for some thing in your life, where do you go to find it? The answer might lie in the Book of Green, now available for free in print, online and as a geolocation-enabled app from iTunes.

Providing information on hundreds of eco-friendly UK companies from architects to ethical finance, body care to food, cleaning products to sustainable tourism and more, the book uses free listings as well as paid ads to help you find products and services across 15 main categories. The point is to help you build a sustainable lifestyle, and to give ethical businesses a wider audience.

Publishers of the newly-launched edition are running a contest for readers to win a Christmas shopping list of 26 presents including goodies from Green People, Jo Wood Organics, Balm Balm, Weleda, a case of wine from Vintage Roots, and a signed copy of 'The Woodland Year’ by Ben Law. There are 50 runner-up prizes, too. Contest entry is open through 30 November.

Explaining the inspiration behind Book of Green, co-founder Katie Keegan says, "We wanted to create ways of making green living really convenient and practical for people. By having a directory that is freely available, in many formats, it is now easier than ever to find many of the great green businesses that exist today."

The Book of Green still has a ways to go to be a comprehensive resource. Searching for organic restaurants "near me" on the iPhone for example won't yet deliver a full listing of what's around you, but this year's book is bigger and better than last year. It's a handy resource now, and has a lot of potential in the years ahead.

Find the print, online or iPhone edition here.

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Weekly Greenhouse Round-Up

Sally Hill | 02.07.10

This post from Martin Wright at Forum for the Future, written amidst the climate science controversy in the press earlier this year, hit the nail on the head:

If Climate Change Didn't Exist Would We Have to Invent It?

The essence of the article, highlighted in the cartoon below, is that the changes required to adapt to climate change need to take place whether it is real or not.

The adjustments needed to address climate change are also necessary to reduce our toll on resources, stabilise the condition of the planet, and they're not actually so bad for our quality of life either.

Climate Hoax Cartoon

Here are the links we loved this week:

Scotland's Big Tent Festival Adds Summer School to Promote Green Living
The weekend-long celebration of green and sustainable lifestyles launches new skills workshop

You Ask, They Answer: Slow Food UK
Q&A with the British wing of the Slow Food movement
(The Guardian)

Zero Carbonista: Wind Car Update
The latest from Zero Carbonista's wind car, racing in the Bridgestone Eco Rally
(Zero Carbonista)

Government Commission Urges Rapid Setting Up of Green Investment Bank
New UK Green Investment Bank to support low-carbon infrastructure ecological projects
(The Guardian)

Bridgestone Eco Rally 2010 to Showcase Cutting-Edge Car Design
Sustainable transport in action, a showcase of cutting-edge and super-fast eco cars
(The Telegraph)

Are Blue Bike Lanes Better Than Black?
Recent Guardian study shows that drivers give less room to cyclists when there is a painted bike lane

Sales of Small Wind Turbines Up, Even in Soft Housing Market
More people are turning to wind power: lower risk and less cost, what's not to like?

Organic Farming's Balanced Ecosystems Naturally Control Pests Better Than Monoculture
In case you needed another reason to favour organic farming over chemical agriculture

Eco Rally
The official site for the sustainable vehicle event

Book of Green
New Book of Green resources for your life, plus there's a great contest to win eco prizes

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