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Eco Hero: Dale Vince

Anna Guyer | 26.04.10

Dale Vince is a campaigner through and through. He believes we can create a clean, green, low carbon Britain. He has conviction, integrity, vision and an ability to make the extraordinary happen.

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Millions Watch Collapsing Cooling Towers

Greta Jonyniate | 12.03.12


Want to watch cooling towers collapse? It may seem like an odd question, but over 2.2 million people have watched Ecotricity’s latest video, which features personified cooling towers being brought down with controlled explosives. Over 50,000 people have shared the video on Facebook.

Why so popular? Whilst there is no exact set of rules to making a viral video, Ecotricity’s video makes it seem simple. Take an underappreciated trend on Youtube, ie. videos of collapsing buildings, which attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, link it to the green movement in a way that seems completely natural, and add a little bit of absurdity to raise a smile.

The video is in aid of the energy company’s campaign to “Dump The Big Six.” Ecotricity want to see consumers and businesses stop using npower, SSE, E.ON, British Gas, EDF and Scottish power and move to more sustainable energy sources. Whilst the UK average for renewable energy in a provider’s fuel mix is just 7.9%, Ecotricity relies on renewable sources to create 54.1% of its energy supply. Ecotricity hasn’t just hit the government’s demand that 15% of energy comes from renewable sources by 2020, they have … well, demolished the old guard and ushered in the new.

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Greenhouse Morning News

Richard Lemmer | 03.04.12

Top News Stories -

Global warming started over 100 years ago - The Daily Mail

EU energy savings plan too weak: green campaigners - Reuters

New UK attempt to capture carbon - BBC

EU carbon price plumbs new depths on weak emissions data - Business Green


Solar -

UK’s first inner city solar project is switched on - Solar Power Portal

U.K. Solar Trade Association names Alan Aldridge as chairman - Solar Server

NPD Solarbuzz: Global PV market grows 146% in 1Q 2012 - Solar Server


Wind - 

Small investors get chance to invest in wind energy project ‘from as little as £5’ - Green Wise Business

Hopes for turbine plan to get the green light - This Is South Wales

Call for Pendle countryside to be protected from wind turbines - Lancashire Telegraph

India's largest wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy losses tax break - Moneycontrol.com

New owner for Lewis wind farm site - Stornoway Gazette


Food -

Laura Stewart: Organic sector still growing despite the recession - Scotsman

Bankrupt processor cites "pink slime" uproar - Reuters

Farmer sues neighbour for GM contamination - 9News MSN

Future global food security, supplies depend on agriculture researchers, educators - South West Farm Press (US)

Ethical Finance -

The corporation needs to be cut down to size - Guardian

Sustainable companies: who is the fairest of them all? - Guardian

Brazil and India’s Financial Wealth Grows While Their Natural Capital Plummets - TriplePundit


Interesting News Stories -

Renewables developers called on to support green doctorate programme - Business Green

£300m plant to produce green power from waste - Yorkshire Post

Unilever tops sustainability leadership list for a second year - Green Biz

Scientists develop ionic motor, MicroThrust to make satellite launches greener - Eco Friend


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Good Energy: UK’s first local electricity tariff

HJ Fantaskis | 19.11.12

Good Energy today announces the UK’s first Local Tariff to reward households near its wind farms with lower electricity bills, pioneering a blueprint to put community interest at the heart of renewable energy generation across Britain.

Customers who live within two kilometres of the company’s flagship 9.2MW Delabole wind farm in north Cornwall, will qualify for its new Local Tariff, offering a 20% discount on its standard electricity prices. It will currently save an average Good Energy customer in the area around £100 over a year. 

The discount will be available to existing and new customers from early 2013. The tariff will also pay out a ‘windfall’ credit of up to £50 per household every year that the turbines exceed their expected performance.

Juliet Davenport (pictured above), CEO of Good Energy, said: “I’m proud that Good Energy is leading the UK wind industry with a new model ensuring that people who live near our wind farms share in their success. Wind power has a huge role to play in meeting the UK’s future energy needs, and we think that it’s only right that our local communities should be recognised for their contribution to tackling climate change and reducing the UK’s reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels.”

“When we researched opinion in the local community, there was a very positive response from residents with 68% of those surveyed saying they would consider switching to a Good Energy Local Tariff once the benefits were explained to them.”

Watch Good Energy's new video announcing the new Local Tariff. 

Good Energy, the UK's first company to supply electricity from 100% renewable sources, is leading the industry once more with the Local Tariff. It will be offered at the company’s other wind farm sites (over 4 MW) as they are developed.

It's also another first for Delabole, which was the UK's first commercial wind farm when it opened in 1991. Local farmer Martin Edwards, who developed it and now sits on Good Energy's board, said: "The wind farm has always had great support from the community and we've brought investment, jobs and tourists to the area. I'm pleased we'll soon be able to add discounted power to the benefits we bring."

The future of onshore wind has been hotly debated in the run-up to the government’s Energy Bill, due to be published later this week, with critics arguing that wind farms are being “imposed” on communities. Energy Secretary Ed Davey launched a consultation in September to explore how communities secure financial, social and environmental benefit from hosting onshore wind farms.

The latest government research shows that onshore wind is supported by 66% of the public with 12% opposed, including 4% who are strongly opposed. However, there is evidence that communities become more supportive when they benefit directly from local wind farms. There is much greater public acceptance of renewables in Germany, where two thirds of all turbines and solar panels are owned by individuals, farmers and communities.

A Delabole local? Register your interest in the Delabole Local Tariff today! 

We’ve listed a round up of the best coverage: 

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