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Weekly Greenhouse Round-Up

Sally Hill | 02.07.10

This post from Martin Wright at Forum for the Future, written amidst the climate science controversy in the press earlier this year, hit the nail on the head:

If Climate Change Didn't Exist Would We Have to Invent It?

The essence of the article, highlighted in the cartoon below, is that the changes required to adapt to climate change need to take place whether it is real or not.

The adjustments needed to address climate change are also necessary to reduce our toll on resources, stabilise the condition of the planet, and they're not actually so bad for our quality of life either.

Climate Hoax Cartoon

Here are the links we loved this week:

Scotland's Big Tent Festival Adds Summer School to Promote Green Living
The weekend-long celebration of green and sustainable lifestyles launches new skills workshop

You Ask, They Answer: Slow Food UK
Q&A with the British wing of the Slow Food movement
(The Guardian)

Zero Carbonista: Wind Car Update
The latest from Zero Carbonista's wind car, racing in the Bridgestone Eco Rally
(Zero Carbonista)

Government Commission Urges Rapid Setting Up of Green Investment Bank
New UK Green Investment Bank to support low-carbon infrastructure ecological projects
(The Guardian)

Bridgestone Eco Rally 2010 to Showcase Cutting-Edge Car Design
Sustainable transport in action, a showcase of cutting-edge and super-fast eco cars
(The Telegraph)

Are Blue Bike Lanes Better Than Black?
Recent Guardian study shows that drivers give less room to cyclists when there is a painted bike lane

Sales of Small Wind Turbines Up, Even in Soft Housing Market
More people are turning to wind power: lower risk and less cost, what's not to like?

Organic Farming's Balanced Ecosystems Naturally Control Pests Better Than Monoculture
In case you needed another reason to favour organic farming over chemical agriculture

Eco Rally
The official site for the sustainable vehicle event

Book of Green
New Book of Green resources for your life, plus there's a great contest to win eco prizes

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Weekly Greenhouse Round-up

Sally Hill | 14.07.10

This week when we tweeted “Talk about sustainable packaging, a box that will grow when you plant it” there was an enormous amount of interest from our followers. The Life Box, as reported here by Green Upgrader is a cardboard delivery box that contains a combination of tree seeds and fungi that will spring to life when put into the ground.

So what is it about this idea that is so intriguing?

Well, it takes a classic throw away item - a cardboard box, and adds seeds. But then the product becomes something much more valuable than the sum of its parts, a plant as well as a solution to waste.

And to our sustainably-minded followers it’s got everything – recycling, upcycling, zero waste, greening and growing. No wonder it struck a chord.

The idea also taps into the extremely interesting concept of cradle-to-cradle design. I first saw the plantable packaging idea on the blog of Cradle to Cradle author William McDonough. Within another idea of his, the ‘triple top line’ he suggested the design of biodegradable ice cream packaging that would dissolve in a day after use so that when children toss it on the ground they are creating a plant rather than trash.

His point, that with clever design, ‘your problem starts to come an asset’ is true, and this is the kind of thinking we need more of.

Here are the links we loved this week:

'Whole Foods to Make Personal Care Products Companies Prove Their Organic Claims'
The grocery chain will require third-party certification of organic credentials on personal care products and cosmetics.

'Britsh Pressure for GM Crops Unwelcome in Europe'
The UK is accused of ignoring safety concerns in its champions the expansion of GM crops.
(The Guardian)

'Solar Projects Continue to Shine Despite Dark Economic Times'
The solar boom continues led by US and China.

'Eco Hero: Siân Berry'
Greenhouse profiles face of the Green Party, DIY expert and author Siân Berry.

'Couple Lives Trash Free for One Year'
Somehow this couple only has three pounds of garbage at the end of a year of reusing and recycling.

'Can a Startup Think Global Without Boarding a Plane?'
Richard Leyland of Worksnug discusses his companies decision to have a zero flights policy.

'Flickr Find: Beautiful House Made of Cob'
Innovation around an interesting, beautiful and sustainable material for housing.

Environmental Graffiti

The Food for Life Partnership

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Greenhouse Weekly Roundup

Greta Jonyniate | 18.07.11

Last week, the Energy Market Report was at the centre of the national media’s attention. At 3:30pm on Tuesday, the UK's secretary of state for energy and climate change, Chris Huhne, set out his thoughts on how the nation can meet the “Three C’s” of energy in the 21st century: carbon, cost and continuity of supply. Greenhouse’s team followed the news and, if you missed any of it, you can catch up on the best summary to be found on Guardian’s Live blogged: The UK's new energy future.

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