Top 5 sustainability campaigns 2015

As 2015 draws to an end we reflect back on pioneering sustainability campaigns, which along with global events such COP21, continue to push climate change into the spotlight like never before.

Here is a list of our top 5 sustainability campaigns of 2015:

adidas and Parley for the Oceans


One of our favourite sustainability campaigns of 2015 was the result of a partnership between shoe giant adidas and Parley for the Oceans.

Collaborators have created a 3D printed trainer made entirely from materials created using reclaimed ocean waste. The unique shoe design is making waves by not only helping to clean up our oceans but also highlighting to consumers the devastating impact waste has on ocean biodiversity.

Click here to read our interview with Alexis Haass, Director of Brand Sustainability at adidas on how the brand is integrating sustainability into its business model.

Good Energy


After analysts at Good Energy discovered that 60% of fuel used for electricity generation in the UK in 2013 was imported into the country, the renewable energy provider launched the ‘Energy Miles’ initiative. Here at Greenhouse PR we helped work on theinitial research and report for Energy Miles.

The aim of the campaign was to inform people about where the energy they use comes, raising awareness of climate change and fossil fuel us in the UK. Successful implementation lead to Good Energy receiving a Gold award at the CIPR PRide awards.

One of the judges said of the Energy Miles campaign: ‘The campaign was strong in its research and planning; resulting in impressive levels of engagement surrounding the hugely important issues of fuel security and sustainability’

Greenpeace ‘Save the Artic’


Past major milestones of theGreenpeace ‘Save the Artic’ campaign include Lego taking the decision to end their marketing contract with Shell after a video featuring the toys went viral in 2014.

In 2015 Greenpeace continued their plight against the oil giant. In true Greenpeace fashion, adouble-decker bus-sized polar bear puppet, named Aurora, was paraded around outside of Shell’s London HQ calling for oil drilling in the North Pole to be banned.

More than 7 million people have signed up to the Save The Arctic campaign worldwide and in September, after weeks of increasing public discontent, Shell ceased exploration for oil in the Articfor the foreseeable future.

Hugh’s War on Waste


Hugh’s War on Waste campaigns, running on the BBC and social media, have highlighted to the British public just how much we throw away each year.

Fans of the campaign have been dubbed ‘Waste Warriors’ and following Hugh’s lead have taken to social media to demand a series of more sustainable practices – including successfully introducing wonky veg into supermarkets. We’re looking forward to seeing the Waste Warrior movement grow in 2016.



One of the more unique campaigns we encountered this year was the launch of the Bio-bus, or more aptly named ‘Poo Bus’ as it runs off household waste!

The bus emits less greenhouse gases than a conventional diesel engine – 80% less nitrogen oxide and 20-30% less CO2and has been so successful that First West of England now want to run 110 more Bio-buses in Bristol.

Like the others above, this campaign serves to highlight the direct impact individuals can have on making transportation choices and consumer habits more sustainable.

Do you have a favourite that didn’t make our list? Tweet @Greenhouse_PR or find us on Linkedin and let us know.

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