Being ManKind: Challenging outdated notions of masculinity

Suicide is now the biggest cause of death for men under 35 years of age, and a quarter of young men self-harm to cope with depression.

Concerned by this alarming trend, social enterprise Super Being Labs decided to take action, publishing a book – Being ManKind – which tackles outdated notions of masculinity and challenges gender stereotypes, described by HuffPost as a culture shift showing men it’s ok to ask for help.

Being ManKind

“Unfortunately, the world still defines people by their gender, rather than their humanity. These gender stereotypes create expectations that not only damage those who are burdened by them, but they also cause harm to the people around them too. After all, you can be powerful but compassionate, strong but weak, competitive but giving, courageous but scared…the list goes on. Gender has nothing to do with it. Look around, the world is in a period of rapid flux – we need to help the boys to understand their roles as positive individuals.” Darshan Sanghrajka – Co-Founder & Creative Director

Being ManKind contains a foreword written by World Heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, and is filled with honest and inspiring stories from positive role models, to show that ‘being a good human’ is ok and far better than conforming to the damaging stereotypes that stem from ‘being a man’ or being told to ‘man up!’. The stories are appropriate for teenagers and beyond, and aim to spark conversations that reinforce kindness and empathy.

Being ManKind

Super Being Labs have launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate funds for the next phase of their campaign. With an impressive £47,000 already committed, they are well on their way but need to raise an additional £28,000 to reach the target. For every book purchased, Super Being Labs are donating a copy to a school or youth organisation. The funding will also be used to develop a wider outreach programme to get Volume 1 in front of more readers and launch Volume 2.

Support Super Being Labs by making a pledge and help to spread the word using the hashtag #beingmankind.