Client case studies

  • Campaign asking the world’s leading foundation to divest from fossil fuels and invest in new green technology
    $2 Trillion Stranded Assets Report
    Carbon Tracker
  • Triodos Bank SRI
    Raising awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance during Good Money Week
    Socially Responsible Investment
    Triodos Bank
  • Businesses invest billions in sustainable innovation – COP21 Paris
    Sustainable Innovation Forum
    Climate Action
  • Driving action on climate risk among the world’s largest institutional investors
    Global Climate Index
    Asset Owners Disclosure Project
  • Highlighting the business benefits of 100% renewable electricity
    Business Renewables Revolution
    Smartest Energy
  • Launching solar bonds and a new model for community solar farms pioneering social, environmental and financial benefits for the local community with the potential...
    Power to the People
    Big 60 Million
  • Launching a powerful global campaign with a strong call to action asking the world's leading foundations to divest from fossil fuels and invest in...
    Calling for Divestment
    European Environment Foundation
  • Launch of the first zero emissions mobile air quality lab
    Air Quality Monitoring Vehicle
    Enviro Technology Services
  • Highlighting the issue of food waste through the launch of the Feeding of 5000 in Trafalgar Square where we fed 5000 people on edible...
    Feeding The 5000
  • Revolutionary hydrogen car with radical sustainable business model
    Launch of Hydrogen Car
  • Uncovering the impact of engineered food on children’s health and wellbeing
    Engineering Taste
  • The Pig Idea. Encouraging use of food waste to feed pigs
    The Pig Idea
    Feeding The 5000
  • Creating debate and building awareness of the real 'winners' of sustainable investment and the benefits of investing for a clean green future.
    Winners and Sinners
    Barchester Green
  • Creating a compelling campaign to demonstrate that your 'money can do good' celebrating people and projects in positive investment hotspots across the UK.
    Make Money Do Good
  • Neat Streets Campaign to Address the Issue of Litter in the UK
    Neat Streets Campaign
  • Hubbub coffee cup
    Coffee cup campaign to reduce and recycle paper cup waste
    1 More Shot
  • Creating and launching the No Junk Challenge to support and empower Mums to say no' to junk and 'yes' to healthy and nutritious food.
    No Junk Challenge
  • Demonstrating the 'Power of Just Doing Stuff' through the inspiring stories of a movement for change in 40 countries around the world.
    The Power of Just Doing Stuff
    Transition Towns
  • Conference set out to encourage a dialogue and increase uptake of sustainable palm oil
    RSPO European Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
    Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil