Clean Air Everywhere: Let’s get the country talking about air pollution

Clean Air Everywhere is a campaign that launched on Saturday to get the nation talking about air pollution and for the government to listen before it publishes its final air pollution plan on 31st July.

Friends of the Earth are calling for a national Week of Action for Clean Air Everywhere and are encouraging us to join a crucial moment for change to tell the Government that we deserve better.

This is how you can get involved:

  • From cycling to work, to buying some pollution-busting houseplants, choose a simple action that will improve the air around you;
  • Attend an event in your local area or have a go at organising one yourself to fundraise for the campaign;
  • Order a test kit to measure the air pollution where you live;
  • Sign a pledge;
  • Send an e-card to spread the word.

Take a look at the guide for more resources and handy tips to get involved.

Clean Air Everywhere

No matter where we live, we all deserve clean air. Air pollution is one of the UK’s biggest killers, linked to 40,000 early deaths a year. It’s a health risk to us all, and while the government’s draft Air Quality Plan should be a plan to deal with the shocking air pollution crisis that blights the lives of so many people in the UK, it’s not.

Whether your action is small or dramatic in scale, Clean Air Everywhere is our chance to act out the future we want to see. By joining the campaign, we can put air pollution high up the agenda for newly elected MPs, and show the government we’re not prepared to wait any longer.

Are you taking part in #CleanAirEverywhere? Tweet us @Greenhouse_PR and let us know what you’re doing to tackle air pollution in your local area. If you’re an organisation working to improve air quality and build a sustainable future and need help with your communications, please get in touch.