Ecotalk, first mobile phone service powered by wind and sun

Ecotricity, the world’s first green energy company with a vision for a Green Britain, has launched a pioneering new mobile phone service powered by 100% green energy from the wind and sun – Ecotalk. As an added benefit your mobile phone will be putting the ‘Bee’ back into Britain, with all profits going to purchase land to re-wild for nature and to increase our population of bees.

EcotalkPowered by the wind and sun

Mobile phones are a major part of our daily lives and have a big environmental impact. So Ecotalk is a uniquely green mobile phone service and a challenge to shift the standard functioning of other phone network providers.

Following the key principles of Ecotricity, all calls, texts and data are powered by green energy from wind turbines and solar panels using the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) to verify where energy comes from and how it is allocated.

Mobile phone coverage is powered by Three’s network, and Ecotalk customers also benefit from great service, superfast 4G, competitive pricing, 30 day rolling contracts and no exit fees.


Giving land back to nature

Unlike standard mobile providers, Ecotricity have adapted their ‘bills into mills’ model and are using the money they make on Ecotalk to purchase land and let it run wild to preserve wildlife habitats and create vital new ones.

By giving land back to nature, Ecotalk are focusing on providing new homes for pollinators first to foster the creation of habitats for all other wildlife, with the hope of increasing the biodiversity of flower rich grasslands which have declined by 97% since the 1930s.

Ecotalk are working with other partners including Buglife, Natural England, Friends of the Earth and The Wildlife Trust to meet these goals, and are also calling for more information to be released about the true extent of the mobile phone industry on the environment.


So you can help put the bee back in Britain by signing up to Ecotalk. For more information, check your local coverage and sign up here.

Greenhouse PR support organisations that are committed to green technology and transitioning to a low carbon economy, including Smartest Energy, Carbon Tracker and European Environment Foundation. If you’re looking for support for your communications, please get in touch, or if you’re planning to sign up to Ecotalk let us know at @Greenhouse_PR.

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