Is the Future of Energy Storage Already Here?

Greenhouse PR has been working with Moixa, the leading UK energy storage company, to launch a new solar plus storage package to give customers access to the future of UK energy and protect them from rising energy prices.

Emerging technologies present new opportunities for both managing consumer bills and delivering against the government’s renewable energy targets.


Moixa smart battery storage in the home.

Increased inflation and the falling value of the pound following Brexit means that energy bills are on the rise. Furthermore, the reduced availability of subsidies for renewable energy, including the feed-in-tariffs for solar power, makes realising our 2020 renewable targets even harder.

Smart battery technology that deliver smarter and more innovative ways of managing our decentralised energy system are already here. This technology is helping unlock the value of the UK’s solar power capacity and lower costs for consumers.

Moixa, the UK’s leading smart battery provider, has been working with Oxford City Council to reduce household energy bills. Dudley Moor Radford, the managing director of Moixa, featured on this week’s BBC radio ‘You and Yours’.  He explained how the smart battery units have been installed in more than 80 homes, a primary school and a community centre in east Oxford. The batteries are linked to solar panels on the buildings creating a virtual power plant, so, for example, electricity generated by the school’s panels can be used by local homes rather than exported to the grid.

The batteries allow homeowners to store spare solar energy from panels and take advantage of cheaper tariffs, for example at night. Moixa’s GridShare virtual power plant allows the community to pool its solar energy and buy less from the grid. The project aims to double the community’s consumption of the free energy it produces.

The virtual power plant not only reduces the community’s demand on the grid, but is also able to manage energy flows to reduce demand on the grid at peak periods. Overall it aims to reduce average peak grid load by two thirds.

Moixa is Britain’s leading energy storage provider with batteries in more than 600 homes across the country, and it is working with councils and housing associations to reduce fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions. Giving consumers control over their energy consumption and the ability to store energy more efficiently is one major step forward to a future where energy need not be the deciding factor in one’s quality of life.

Batteries can also harness the power of storage as a household and energy system asset, to save both households and the energy system money whilst aiding national carbon and energy targets – such as the UK’s 2020 renewable target and COP21 Paris agreement.

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