Green Hearts Campaign for Valentine’s Day – Show the world you care …

Join us in the Climate Coalition’s campaign, Green Hearts, for Valentine’s Day. A fantastic opportunity to show appreciation for all the things you love and want to protect from climate change through the power of green hearts.

Green Hearts


On February 14th people across the country will make, wear and share their green hearts, each representing a moment of possibility and chance to begin a conversation about climate change.

Each heart is a beautiful opportunity to show that climate change is a really important issue to us and that we’re not ready to lose the things that we love.

Hearts can be simple, fancy, edible or painted, all hearts are powerful and effective.

Green Hearts

Sign up and #ShowTheLove this Valentine’s Day by making, wearing and sharing your green heart on social media and tweeting @TheCCoalition. Get your own Green Hearts Toolkit for more inspiration and find out if is there are any Green Hearts events in your local area.

The Green Hearts campaign have won commitments from all of the UK’s major political parties to act together on climate change, and this year’s no exception.

The Climate Coalition are the UK’s largest group dedicated to limiting the impact climate change is having on the world’s poorest communities. Together with Stop Climate Chaos, Climate Coalition represent over 15 million people across the UK and brings together over 100 organisations,.

Greenhouse interview pioneering people who are working towards finding the solutions to tackle climate change, such as Professor James Longhurst, UWE, Jack Farmer from LettUs Grow and Alan Andrews from Client Earth.

We work with people and organisations who are creating positive change. If you are an environmental pioneer looking for PR support get in touch.