International Plastic Bag Free Day: say no to plastic bags

Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day – a day that promotes a future free from plastic pollution and raises awareness by encouraging the use of reusable bags.

Here in Europe, 87 billion single-use plastic bags are used every year – an average of 2 plastic bags per person per day.

The manufacture of plastic bags is incredibly polluting as it requires 430,000 gallons of oil to produce 100 million plastic bags. The bag is then only used for approximately 20 minutes before it is thrown away and sent to landfill, where it will take up to 400 years to decompose and potentially release toxic chemicals in the meantime.

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Although England’s plastic bag usage has dropped significantly since the 5p charge was introduced in 2015, there is still a long way to go to mitigate the impact of plastic pollution, particularly bags, bottles and straws. As well as littering our landscape, they are also killing our wildlife, with one million birds and 100,000 sea mammals dying each year as a result.

How can you contribute to the solution? Join the #breakfreefromplastic campaign and be part of a unique opportunity to spread the word that a plastic bag free world is possible. Visit their website for tips, advice and ideas on how you can get involved and have a go at sharing your own bag-free story. All it takes is one reusable bag to make a difference and prevent further damage to our oceans and land.

We’d also recommend checking out Plastic Pollution: Single Use Plastic Impact on our Oceans by SLO active.  This comprehensive guide provides detailed facts and figures on plastic pollution, the impact on our oceans and marine life, and much more.

International Plastic Bag Free Day

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