Making change happen: 25 years of Organix

Organix, the number one baby and toddler snack food brand in the UK, are celebrating their 25th anniversary today! For 25 years Organix have been pioneers in the baby food industry, providing parents with nutritious ‘no junk’ organic food for their little ones and campaigning for better quality food for children.

Organix 25th Anniversary

Organix wants a world where healthy, nutritious food is a real choice for everyone, and in their 25 years of business Organix has been on quite a journey. Organix was founded in the kitchen of Lizzie Vann who decided to set about making changes in foods for little ones.  Ever since, Organix has worked tirelessly to pioneer healthy children’s food with a social mission at its heart – ‘Pure Food, Healthy Babies, Safer World’ – with their founding principles captured in the company’s spirit guide for everyone to read. Organix has also been recognised for their impactful and attention grabbing campaigns, including:

Food for Life (2003): Led to changes in school meals and was championed by Jamie Oliver.

Action on Additives (2007): Sought the removal of six artificial colours from food targeted at children. As a result, an EU voluntary ban led to food giants such as Cadburys and Coca-Cola changing their recipes.

Out to Lunch (2013): Transformed children’s food served in restaurants, at leisure attractions and on the high street.

To celebrate their milestone, Organix are launching their first sustainability report, Making Things Better, and have created a letter from Organix to the children of future generations pledging their commitment to always keep improving and challenging the status quo.

“Organix have always been at the forefront of the organic movement, pushing boundaries and challenging the industry to make healthy nutritious food mainstream.

“Sustainability is embedded in everything we do so this report is a very fitting way to mark our anniversary. We set the standard with our No Junk Promise and we will continue to be a pioneer, creating even more foods with nutritional benefits, meeting children’s needs as they develop and grow and encouraging a lifelong love of good food that goes beyond just healthy snacks and finger foods.

“Above all we will continue to campaign for better children’s food, calling on the government, the food industry, retailers and consumers to join with us to make change happen.” Philipp von Jagow, Managing Director, Organix.

Organix 25th Anniversary

A seven tier birthday cake showing their 25-year history through the medium of icing!

As part of their quarter century celebrations, Greenhouse PR helped Organix to host a 25th Anniversary event for its No Junk Mum ambassadors – an event which saw six of their ‘No Junk Mums’ welcomed to Organix HQ to learn about the Organix spirit story and to celebrate with a show stopper of a birthday cake.

Greenhouse PR has also supported Organix with several other projects to promote a healthy ‘no junk’ lifestyle, such as Engineering Taste and Punk’d launch. To hear more about our work, head over to our case study page.