Global Climate 500 Index


Asset Owners Disclosure Project



“Greenhouse was brilliant in helping us to identify the strategy and develop the story narrative globally and across markets for the launch of our Global Index. The media outcome was outstanding and everyone in Boston had seen the report and our networks were full of admiration. Totally exceeded our expectations.”

Julian Poulter, CEO, Asset Owners Disclosure Project


Few of the world’s biggest investors are acting on warnings from Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England and chairman of the international Financial Stability Board, that climate action could leave their fossil fuels and other high-carbon investments as worthless stranded assets.

Nearly half the world’s 500 biggest investors – pension funds, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments – are taking no action leaving funds worth $14.3 trillion exposed to climate risk. Only one in five is taking tangible action on climate change, according to the annual Global 500 Index from the Asset Owners Disclosure Project.

AODP is an independent, not-for-profit global organisation whose mission is to protect retirement savings and other long-term investments from the risks posed by climate change by improving disclosure and best practice.

Driving awareness of climate risk and the Index in the investment community is crucial to increasing levels of disclosure, engagement and changes in investment behaviour.


We launched AODP’s Global Climate 500 Index 2016, its annual benchmarking report which rates world’s 500 largest investors with assets worth $38 trillion on their success at managing climate risk in their portfolios.

We celebrated the leaders and named and shamed laggards, highlighting the need for action to protect the savings and financial security of hundreds of millions of people.

Preparations for launch included a workshop on positioning, developing the story narrative, developing media materials, and planning social media strategy to drive debate.


We developed story angles highlighting leaders and laggards on climate risk, by sector and by country to drive discussion in international media and the biggest pensions markets.

We generated more than 200 media articles – including major international broadcast, newswires, nationals and industry media across 15 countries globally.

Coverage included VIP media: BBC Business TV, BBC Radio 4, Bloomberg, Reuters, FT, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, The Australian, Le Monde, Die Welt.

News articles were shared across social media with 46,000 shares.