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“The dynamic Greenhouse team are a pleasure to work with and help us achieve strong coverage from a dense technical narrative. They patiently helped us pin down the messaging and delivered fantastic results. Their enthusiasm and willingness to assist always goes beyond their contractual obligations. We highly recommend Greenhouse PR.”

Anthony Hobley, CEO, Carbon Tracker


Carbon Tracker is a not for profit financial think tank aimed at enabling a climate secure global energy market by aligning capital market investments with climate reality.

It produces investment-grade analysis of factors that are undermining demand for fossil fuels, and highlights risk to investors and markets from coal, oil and gas projects which risk becoming worthless stranded assets.

It seeks to put its messages on the global business agenda and it wanted to maximise its impact at the Paris Climate Summit.


We worked with Carbon Tracker over 2015 to secure global coverage for a series of reports, which included editing reports, developing messaging, drafting media materials and video scripts, developing social media strategy and identifying communications opportunities.

We facilitated a message and media training workshop to identify and build Carbon Tracker’s story ahead of COP21 and created a powerful integrated campaign to put its arguments on the news agenda and build momentum up to and through the summit.

We launched ‘The $2 Trillion Stranded Assets Danger Zone’ a week in advance of COP21, a flagship report warning that fossil fuel firms risk wasting $2 trillion in the next decade threatening investor returns.
Held second international launch at COP21, with Al Gore giving keynote speech, to secure further media interviews and maintain share of voice in crowded media market.

Set up VIP international journalists to interview Carbon Tracker as expert commentator on the implications of climate change for investors and markets before, during and after COP21.

Post COP21, seeking input from key allies such as We Mean Business and UNFCC, we refined narratives and placed interviews/comment for media, to create debate, review outcomes and generate further impact.


Carbon Tracker’s warnings were echoed by Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of England and Chairman of International Financial Stability Board (FSB), ahead of COP21 resulting in the launch of a climate risk task force chaired by former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Carbon Tracker’s Report – The $2 Trillion Stranded Assets Danger Zone, was reported in more than 240 pieces of media coverage in more than 30 countries and in 14 languages.

More than 70 articles appeared in VIP top tier media – newswires, influential media commentators, with high profile TV coverage including BBC, CNBC and ABC.

By focusing comment on the implications of financial risk for investors and markets before the summit, we engaged influencers and opinion formers that escalated debate.

The report launch put Carbon Tracker on the news agenda in the week before the Paris Climate Summit and positioned it as an expert commentator throughout the event.

Its findings and Carbon Tracker’s role in pioneering analysis of the risk from fossil fuel stranded assets were widely referenced across multiple media and commentators. A distinctive position, clear messaging and strong news angle helped CT stand out in midst of intense media attention during the Summit.

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