Feeding the 5000





“It was such a pleasure working with Anna and the Greenhouse team. They were enthusiastic and imaginative and quickly grasped all the aspects of our campaign and worked tirelessly to secure amazing media coverage for the event. They are brilliant!”

Tristram Stuart, Founder, Feedback


Feeding the 5000 is all about empowering and inspiring people to get to grips with their food waste in positive ways. Feeding the 5000 in Trafalgar Square is a flagship campaigning event, acting as a celebratory feast that aims to draw attention to the shear amount of edible food that is thrown away every day.

Our job throughout the high-profile event was to highlight just how easy it is to reduce the extraordinary levels of food waste in the UK – and how government, business and individuals can help.


As the campaign name suggests, 5000 members of the public were invited to a free hot lunch in London’s Trafalgar Square – a lunch made entirely from ingredients that would otherwise have been thrown in the bin and wasted.

Our role was to generate media interest in the event to encourage members of the public to attend and enjoy the Feast to understand more about the issues and solutions. We set up and managed a media centre at the event, coordinated a photocall, and ensure that TV crews and national media were supported with interviews, stories and pictures.

We planned the media hub in Trafalgar Square, developed previews in the run-up to the event, made sure the media turned up, created feature editorials and managed follow-up interviews featuring the inspirational campaigner behind the initiative, Tristram Stuart and a host of famous chefs.


In just a few weeks, we generated more than 100 articles, including eight pieces of national TV broadcast news and more than 15 articles in the national press.