No Junk Challenge





“The idea to partner with parents on the No Junk Journey this year was just what we needed to help us share our more in depth content with our core audience.”

“Greenhouse took the brief to the next level and has developed great relationships for our brand with key bloggers that has generated fantastic insight and added lots of value.”

Aileen Nicoll, Marketing Manager, Organix


Organix believes that everybody, no matter how young, deserves to eat well, so they work hard to make things better for families and their children so that little ones are supported to grow up to love good food.

It can be difficult for families to make good food choices and avoid the junk, when information and labelling can be confusing, so Organix want to make it easier, with simple and practical advice to help families choose and enjoy good food.

We developed the No Junk Journey campaign to work with parents getting their insight on the issues, their thoughts on the advice about food choices as well as sharing lots of ideas and inspiration. We wanted to get them talking about their No Junk Journey and sharing their views with other parents.


We handpicked a group of VIP Mummy bloggers based on their ethos, passion for good food and blog profile, to work with Organix on the No Junk Journey throughout 2016.

We carried out extensive research to find some of the UK’s highest ranking parenting blogs that we knew could deliver insightful and meaningful blog posts for Organix and drive conversations across social channels.

As we recruited our bloggers, we asked them to share information about their family, lifestyle, eating habits, views on healthy eating, as well as their blog profile and networks.

Across the year the campaign has six themes, for each one we engage more than 10 bloggers to explore, test, experiment, and feedback on issues, recipes, activities and advice across the food journey, from baby to toddler.


All bloggers delivered high-quality, Organix-branded blog posts that offered an insightful response to the No Junk Journey programme and its themes. Each blog includes their personal story, images, tips and links to Organix campaigns, and bloggers have shared their posts across social media channels generating lots of shares and encouraging conversation from other mums. The blogs also received a high number of positive comments from mums across the UK praising Organix and the positive campaign.