Business and the Renewables Revolution





“Greenhouse PR reviewed our positioning, connected with opinion leaders and top customers, to create a compelling proposition for our communications – demonstrating the trend and the movement of corporates committing to renewable energy. It has helped us to create a dialogue with businesses encouraging them to join us to be part of the transition to a low carbon economy.”

Mike Shirley, Smartest Energy


Smartest Energy is Britain’s leading purchaser of electricity from independent renewable generators, and supplies some of the UK’s biggest brands.

It wanted to promote its new 100% renewable products with the UK’s first energy labels, which state the electricity’s source and carbon content.

It wanted to raise its profile, demonstrate that it is working with major corporates, and create debate about the need to divest from fossil fuels and commit to renewable electricity.


We developed a campaign to drive awareness of the business benefits of switching to 100% renewables and created a report Business and the Renewables Revolution.

The report highlighted that switching to renewables adds less than 1% to power bills and detailed a range of business benefits, the value of which can easily outweigh the minimal extra cost.

It showcased the growing number of global brands which have committed to 100% renewable electricity with case studies from major SmartestEnergy customers on their reasons for choosing clean power.

The private sector accounts for more than 56% of UK electricity use and the report highlighted the key role businesses can play in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We collaborated with leading business advocates for renewables, The Carbon Trust, The Climate Group and The Aldersgate Group, to build credibility and scale.


Report positioned SmartestEnergy as a thought leader on business, renewable electricity and the low-carbon transition.

Campaign generated more than 21 articles in energy and green business media.