Good Money Week


Triodos Bank



“The support of the team at Greenhouse has been invaluable, from developing our campaign narrative right through to building a strategy and delivering fantastic media coverage across mainstream national media and online.”

Zoe Sear, Head of Marketing & Communications, Triodos Bank UK


Triodos Bank is a pioneer in sustainable banking, using the power of finance to invest in projects that are good for people and the planet. As an impact investor they support businesses in areas such as clean energy, recycling, sustainable food & agriculture, arts & culture, and social housing.

To make the most of Good Money Week (30 Oct – 5 Nov) – a national campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance – Triodos Bank wanted to build a campaign to promote Triodos Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds, and to engage consumers on the opportunity to make a positive impact with their money.


Greenhouse PR developed an integrated campaign, creating a compelling news story through the combination of a newly commissioned national survey, strong Triodos customer case studies and detailed information on SRI fund options. With SRI representing just 1.2% of the total market of UK funds under management there was a clear opportunity to position them for growth.

The strategy focused on the market-leading Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund and collaboration with Good Money Week organisers UKSIF and CastleField Advisory Partners to share the story across multiple channels, including mainstream media relations in nationals, online, regional and trade titles. Greenhouse helped gather outstanding Triodos customer case studies supported by strong photography.

Social assets were created with the outcomes of the survey and the case studies, and we engaged with bloggers to spread the word and share stories of the benefits of SRI investing with a new audience.


The consumer survey found that over 60% of UK investors would like their money to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. But it also revealed that many people struggle to find options for socially responsible investments, further positioning the opportunity for growth.

The combination of strong evidence, case studies and photography meant that Triodos Bank could demonstrate the financial case for investing sustainably.

During Good Money Week media coverage was generated that included stand out national outlets such as The Guardian and The Times Money sections, The Huffington Post, as well as, MSN Money, The Scotsman and The Independent. Widespread regional coverage was accompanied by articles in financial and green media outlets.

The campaign successfully communicated the message that people want to invest their money in places that will make a positive contribution to the environment and society and showed that the options to do so are out there.