We’ve been shortlisted for the British Renewable Energy Awards!

Recognised for our efforts to champion renewables, we are happy to announce that Greenhouse PR has been shortlisted for the Communications Agency Awards in the 12th British Renewable Energy Awards.

The British Renewable Energy Awards is the most prestigious event in the UK’s renewable energy industry calendar and celebrates the achievements of companies and individuals who have done something amazing in renewables or clean tech over the past year.

British Renewable Energy Awards

Greenhouse PR support renewable energy pioneers to maximise their impact. Some of our campaigns include:

Moixa: We worked with leading UK battery company, Moixa, to raise awareness of how home batteries can cut bills and help create a cost-effective, low-carbon smart energy system. Our campaign showed how this could save millions by avoiding costly upgrades and allow more homes to go solar on existing infrastructure.

CNG Fuels: Greenhouse launched the UK’s first 100% renewable biomethane gas fuel for CNG Fuels.  We collaborated with CNG Fuels’ customer Waitrose to announce Europe’s most advanced gas-powered lorries, with a 500-mile range, demonstrating that biomethane is a commercially viable way to decarbonise HGV fleets across the UK.

Smartest Energy: We worked with Smartest Energy, Britain’s leading purchaser of electricity from independent renewable generators, to highlight the role of independent generators, those outside of the traditional supply sector, in delivering renewable energy capacity. The campaign launched the Energy Entrepreneurs report, which revealed that nearly half of renewable energy is in the hands of independent generators.

Our campaigns reached audiences of millions through national newspapers and broadcasters, influential sector media and social influencers, and have generated significant interest from customers, investors and partners.

For more information about the awards and information about the other nominees, click here.

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